Passage of Stardew Valley

At its core, Stardew Valley is a farm simulator. As you know, in games of this plan, there is no single algorithm of action or strictly prescribed plot, as for progress; everyone is free to use their own methods. In addition, there exist extremely versatile opportunities: you cannot be limited in the cultivation of different cultures, and along the way to trade, fish, engage in the arrangement of the house and your site, build and develop relationships with other residents and so on.

However, at first, many are faced with a problem when it is not clear how to carry out the passage of Stardew Valley at the moment. After creating a character to your liking, you have to learn the basic mechanics of management: for the movement, use the classic set of W, A, S and D, you can accelerate by pressing at least the classic Shift, to interact with objects you need to either click the right mouse button, or the x key, tools, and other things are operated by clicking the left mouse button.

The character and setting of the game Stardew Valley

Notice the interface data at the top right of the screen: it shows a whole block of important information that is important here. For example, the time of the day depends on who can be found on the streets, whether you can visit the shops or they will already be closed, and more. Not a lesser role is played by the seasons since they determine the order of the day, the seeds available in the store, the plants in the forest, and the fish in the ponds. The game Stardew Valley ancient Seeds grow into plants that yield.

The TV here is very useful, unlike in real life: the local weather forecasts never lie, and even from them you sometimes get important recommendations that can really facilitate your passage through Stardew Valley. For example, if rain has been forecast, you need not water the garden, you can spend your time on something else. It is also worthy to note that some species of fish can be caught only in the weather with precipitation.

In general, the game is well thought out, because mastering its mechanics is a key task if you are going to stay here for more than a couple of hours. Important here is the gold (which you can earn by selling different resources and crops, as well as completing quests population), ditto for ordinary, but very popular resources: stone, wood, and fiber. Finally, we advise you to constantly monitor the level of your energy, without which you go nowhere. You can fill it with food, drinks and good rest which you can have by having a good bath.

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